Sunday, July 31, 2016

National Involvement

I would like to think that all Americans are considering their role in the future of America.  I would like to think that they are taking their role seriously considering not only what candidates they like, or who they understand the persons are, but what one might expect might happen in the future under each option.  I would like to think that everyone is looking at the big picture, how we can make life better for persons in America and around the world.  I would like to think that we are thinking about what an ideal country.

I would hope that everyone I meet feels good about themselves and where they live - everyone.  About their next meal and the one after that, about a warm shelter, about their neighbors and security, about their health and its care, about how they believe.  I would hope that honesty abounds and deception is gone.

Believe it or not I remember Adlai Stevenson and Ike at the conventions in the 50's, and many more conventions since then.  Certainly this election cycle is different.  I am so grateful for what each candidate brings to the election process - Trump for exciting the people to get out and play a role in selecting a president, Bernie for pushing processes beyond our imagination and questioning the status quo, and Hillary for bringing decades of experience and breaking the glass ceiling.  I so regret what each brining to the process - Trump for appearing dark and negative, Bernie for going beyond reality and Hillary for bringing decades of negativity.

I suspect that when I get to voting in late October (Oregon votes by mail-in only and ballots come out early) I will be voting for Katianne who is concerned about the services that her blind-deaf parents will lose under one option.  I will be voting for Francisco who died last month after fighting for his life with the aid of the free clinic.  I will be voting for Maria who lost her job, and then her home, making her and her young daughters homeless.  I will be voting for LuAnne, an admission counselor at WOU, whose parents may be sent back to Mexico.  I will be Drew who may have to leave college and look for an entry level job.  I will be voting for Kendall whose wages doesn't give him enough to support his family.  I will be voting for WOU student (I forget her name) whose brother was killed in a mass shooting.  I will be voting for Sgt Issenger who was one of the first to die in Iraq.  I will be voting for Laura, Jary, and many others whose lives may be affected in a major way.  I will be voting for Heba who is afraid to walk down the streets because of her clothing and Francis because of the color of his skin.

Even more importantly I will be for months before the election praying for peace, civility and reasonable dialogue regarding our future.

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