Monday, September 22, 2014


Our recently hired pastor at our church, Pastor Becky, will be installed at her installation service Sunday.  She's been grooming us as a congregation with songs that she will include in the service.  She's send our invitations and forwarded the order of service to all participating.  There seems to be a theme: what is the purpose of life.  This is evidenced by the collection of maxims on that theme.

One which is scriptural or Biblical and a part of the catechism has to do with glorifying God.  Glorifying is one of those words only used in church and religion, and seldom do we ask what it means in terms of people who don't attend churches.

Several weeks ago I was inspired to identify a path around our yard for daily aerobic walks.  Walking has always sounded like a good idea and walking on the road seems logical and reasonable.  However, the walk up the driveway to the road, a rather steep stroll, had us exhausted and discouraged and in pain before we turned onto the road.  Walking on the driveway around the sequoia tree was more level but monotonously short and one was always turned a corner.  So clearly some branches, mowed grass and created a walk around the house and barn and garden and over to the pond.  It's about a fifth of a mile and several daily laps seemed to be filling a great void.

As I grew up on the farm my exercise was farm work and there was plenty of that.  While raising a young family on a subsistence farmette in remote Alaska there was plenty of exercise splitting firewood, caring for the livestock, maintaining a garden and putting up food.  Extra exercise wasn't necessary there either.  However, sitting in front of a computer screen the past twenty has suggested an exercise regime would be advisable.  Walking seems most pleasing and beneficial.

I discovered that as I walked I could exercise my arms, my hands and my mind.  I could pray, plan the day and philosophize.  So today's topic was, "What does it mean to glorify God?"  Some shout, some dance, some pray, some raise their arms, some sit quietly.  My thoughts rolled around until what seemed like the best answer to me was to just appreciate what I have, where I am, whom I see.  God doesn't need me kill a lamb, one of God's creatures, to glorify God.  God doesn't need me to follow what others think if glorifying God by dancing and raising my arms.  I think God is glorified, honored, respected, praised when I look at a tree and go "Wow, what a wonderful creation."  When I look at the stars and internalize God's love for little me in such a vast "forever."  When I look at another person and see God and a neighbor, someone to love.

In this simple romanticized answer a natural question is how does war fit this thought.  Again I oversimplify my response with "There are people who don't see beauty in trees or people."

Outside the window before me is a beautiful scene, created by God, despite my intervention to chance the landscape, and every second it chanced with the moving breeze, the changing lighting from clouds and sunlight, and changing colors through days and seasons.  Thank-you all who offer my comfort and peace.