Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Up and Down in the Yard

As we walked into the house yesterday, the aster showed themselves along the walkway.  It's not yet mid-summer yet these fall flowers are blooming.  The pear and apple trees are visibly full of fruit, not full sized and certainly not ripe.  The cherry tree is bare; the birds definitely and clearly won the battle over who would get the cherries this year.    There were two peaches on the counter when we arrived at home,  The house sitters said that the deer got to them the night before.  They were delicious, even if there were only two.  We will go to the local fruit farm and pick some later this week.

Other berry bushes were essentially bare; for the most part those who watched the yard in our absence harvested as they ripened.  The raspberries should produce another crop, maybe the strawberries also.  The marionberries and blueberries are past their prime.  The wild blackberries should be reaching their maturity in the next several weeks.

The garden is has moved its next phase.  Peas are full size and ready for picking, the bean plants are lush but the beans are not ready.  Tomatoes are tall and lush but also short of having anything to eat.  Broccoli heads are ready and were a part of this evening's meal.  Lettuce, well, it's past its prime and time to remove and replant.

The lawn hasn't been mowed for over two weeks and there's no grass to mow, however the dandelions need their heads chopped off.

While there were no deaths in the chicken pen for most of our trip on the last day the peacock was killed.  I built a fire and cremated him this evening.  When I checked for eggs I discovered a clutch of eggs under an araucana.  We will have baby chicks I suspect so I need to figure out how to find the chicken killers.  I did put a smoke bomb down one hole today.  We're have to see what will happen.

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