Sunday, July 24, 2016



It's 7 o'clock on Sunday morning.  The window are ajar to let in the cool morning air while the drapes are pulled to keep some of the sun's heat out.  The world is mostly at asleep in this neck of the woods.  So listen for a moment.  Nothing.  No manmade disruptions in God's creation.  This morning is goes so far as no rustling in the leaves as the air is calm; not even the songs of the birds who are not up yet.  Just quiet.


Add to the the silent presence of God the visual panorama.  The dark of shade in the depth of the trees accented by a bright almost yellow green from a ray of sunshine sneaking through the branches. Variegated green leaves show themselves in one corner of the view while a dangling willow leaf wiggles all so slightly.  Thin lanceolate leaves poke up among obviates while evergreen needle and scales tower over head, which with its distinctive green shade and each with its unique size.  It a dance of diversity living together.

A single butterfly flutters by.  The bright spot of sunshine moves amid the shadows in the trees.  In its stillness, it is so alive.  It's is God's continuous creation on display.

As the days ages, God's ultimate creation will appear and interact with the rest of creation and themselves.  Showers will run, breakfast will simmer, dishes will clank, voices is sing from ourselves and from electronics, cars will purr, laughter will resound, crying will arise.  All this will escalate to a feverish pitch as the days goes.  People will move on foot and in cars, people will gather to play and work, and worship.  Along God is watching, involved, hoping to be remembered, hoping to get credit for their breathing and living, hoping that all will remember to love, to love God, to love the creation and to love each other.

Now the sun is reaching over the treetops touching the valleys.  Now is the time to join the growing sounds of the day.  Now is the time to continue communion with God and God's creations, especially loving others.

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