Thursday, August 4, 2016

Something More Than Routine

Ah yes, there's more to say today than "things continue to grow and mature."  More than "it's hot and dry."  Yesterday we canned 16 pints of peaches, Veterans by variety, that we picked at Perrydale Farm a day before.  Also did a thorough watering of the lower and upper gardens as the forecast is for another hot dry day, the hottest of the month.  The newly planted black cherry tree looked like it was suffering from the heat and dryness.  I watered it super well and will make that a priority until it looks better or gives up the ghost.

Last week we helped paint some siding for the church.  We worked in the shade of the trees and near an old wooden picnic table.  It was so dilapidated that we didn't dare use it except to set our paint and brushes on it, gently.  Gail and I checked out building a new one either precut or from scratch.  I bought enough lumber for two and built them a couple days ago.  At the final moment of assembly things didn't feel right and for good reason, the seats were too low.  Double checking the plans I discovered my misinterpretation of a vague instruction.  So I made an Adjustment and this evening we painted the underside of one.  They're fully functional and safe but I will always know that again I'm not a clever as I used to be.

Ah yes, and there's the cluck who's been sitting on a clutch of about a dozen eggs.  Gail heard a peep from that direction last evening and this evening we found the eggs abandoned including the sole chick we found.  Mother nature can be quite cruel sometimes.  The successes are beautiful; the failures are sad and tragic.

Totally on another topic: I received an email from the University of Jamestown asking about a gathering of alumni who graduated 50 years ago.  It had been prompted by another inquiry of a classmate.  I responded with some ideas and also send an email to all whose addresses I had.  I received two replies, one aye and one nay, leaving about 48 who didn't care.  It was great to reconnect with the two but otherwise discouraging.  Perhaps with time more may reply; I hope.

I awoke this morning with the attitude that if this were to be a good day I would have to work at it.  It was OK; perhaps I didn't work hard enough.  Or perhaps I didn't let it go and let God take charge.  Tomorrow will be better.

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