Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today's Issues

I never figured that I could solve the world's problems but I hoped that in some small way I might help make the world a better place to live, or so goes the cliché.  In some senses I enjoyed working within conflicts in what we now call conflict resolution.  But now that I have been confined to this planet earth for more than 25,000 sunrises, I just wish conflicts would melt away, big and small.

The student leadership here at the university has decided that our campus ministry is not represented properly by student leadership and is considering taking our "student club" status away.  The part of this issue that I wish would melt away is the unknowns because we haven't had an opportunity to discuss this face to face.

And then there is technology which is somewhat ironic because as a instructor of technology for pre-service and in-service educators, I should understand the issues and how to solve them.  I don't.  At least not enough to prevent me from getting frustrated when it takes me 30 minutes, several "force quits" and a complete shutdown and restart of the computer to print two Word documents.  Oh, I know it's operator error, but it's still beyond where I want to be.

Now that that is resolved, I find the classroom where I work on my projects, filled with students at a time when it is typically available for my use.  So I'm in my office.

Here I am bickering about the small things in life while Easterners are fighting the autumn weather after Sandy the sub-tropical storm destroyed their homes, their infrastructure, their environment and essentially their lives.  So take a deep breath, and count your blessings; the sun is shining after another night of downpour.