Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Good Day

What makes a good day?  Or a bad one for that matter?  The answer varies with each person.  For most of us waking up in the morning, just being alive makes a good day.  Having loved ones whom you love and who love you in return makes it a good day.

I'm compelled to be productive, so I must do something beneficial.  Often that means benefiting someone else, someone besides myself.  It does also include something for myself or at least something that I value as important.

Today was a good day.

I like waking early and so I did today, about 6:20AM.  It was overcast expecting some baby needed rain.  Before 8:00 I have read and answered my emails-very few today-and had a breakfast with fiber and fruit-cold cereal, and I was on my way to mow Sarah's pasture.  All went well including seeing Sarah, one of her delightful little puppies and serving as a scratching post for one of the four horses.  By 9:30 I was done and home, with a plan to mow some of our pasture but also to clean up around the trees in the pastures.  I have never really cleaned up this area, I merely mow the tall grass to help with wildfire prevention.

This also goes well.  I get lots of exercise, stretching, walking, lifting by moving broken down branches and cleaning up weeds.  Gail joins me after lunch which makes the day nearly perfect.  About 5:00PM a light mist starts and I do small tasks cleaning around the yard.  By six I'm on the computer labeling pictures and writing emails.  Now after a small glass of red wine to help the blood flow and a light supper, I ready to sleep.  And so I will.

Good night after a good day.