Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cool but Warm

While a third of the nation, according to the national weatherpersons, is enduring very hot temperatures, around 100˚ to as much as 120˚, we are embracing 70˚ and some areas are even getting rain.  We're not getting the rain, so I spent the day watering the newly planted black cherry tree and trees, bushes and flowers beyond the reach of the routine watering hose.  It was a great weather day.

Gail picked a bowl of peas and the first bean of the season yesterday.  The melons in the upper garden, the three plants that have survived the rodents, the terrible soil, and the dry conditions, look lush, have been placed in racks and are setting on some fruit.

The day before was the manifestation of long range dreaming and impulsive reactions; we rented a backhoe and dredged the pond, enlarged it and cleared the stream from the pond.  It looks great although I will have to move the debris sitting on the banks of the pond.  By expanding the surface area and depth of the pond, the water level dropped drastically and will have to await a good rain to refill.

I'm watering the grapes this evening as the fruit is developing nicely.  There are more individual fruit set up than any time that I remember.  Hopefully the net will give me an advantage over the birds at harvest time.

This week from the Republican Convention and Don Trump was officially chosen as the nominee for the president of the United States.  Next week is the Democrats turn but before that we have clinic tomorrow.

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