Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Spring, Finally

The forecast was for the warmest day of the spring. Plans for the day were appropriate: work outside in the yard. Several trees that have been growing in pots were transplanted in the labyrinth, a cedar, a redwood and a sequoia. I hope I placed them far enough apart to accommodate 300 years of growth. Probably not.

And a fire for some of the wood that was broken down in the ice storm before Christmas two-plus years ago. The burn season started months ago but the last effort was foiled with all the rain and drenched branches. No problem yesterday. One match, some newspapers and old card board and within minutes the heat drove me back. Ultimately that was the gem of the day because that area near the road on the top of the hill now looks great.

Later while sitting in the green, soaking up the warmth of the day and pulling weeds, and there are plenty to pull, Sheba came back and lean against me pushing me over. Actually I allowed myself to be pushed over. As I lay there she lay down beside me and cuddled close as if she were going to sleep with me. The Kodak moment slipped by with no Kodak. But lying in warm dry grass was a sign that winter is finally losing its grip.

The first iris may burst open today as the stalks are tall and stately with color showing at the tips. The first Shasta daisy is a small one but still boasts to be the only and first one. Tulips are drooping and daffodils have wilted some weeks ago. The peonia have buds but they are slow to open so it will be awhile for they to show their colors. Forget-me-nots are everywhere and the bluebells are still very bright and oh so plentiful. The comfrey is taking its dominant role but it fits in the category of plants that get pulled.

Yesterday's weather was the apex and today will be a lesser day but still quite adequate for a day on the coast. We're off.