Monday, October 26, 2009

The grapes are juice. The tomatoes and apples are sauces. The pumpkins are waiting their turn and the turkeys are growing nicely. It's fall.

It's also Monday about halfway through the term and it's raining. It's hard to get the energy going. Class today was anything but exciting, however we all survived. Mary was great; it's her specialty: Internet literacy.

On the other hand it's a great day because every day when you are alive and healthy is a grand day. Besides the grandkids will be here for Thanksgiving and there are thoughts of some moving this direction. One daughter has a birthday today, by the Chinese calendar; another has it in a week, by the American calendar. A sister had a birthday yesterday and the other will have hers in a couple months. Babies are being born all around us, I guess so their youthful energy can replace our waning energy.

The trees are colorful but shedding their leaves quickly. Life is fruitful. Life is great.