Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day One on the Road

After lying in bed anxious to start our tour of the National Parks in several Wesstern states, I got up at 5:30 and got the sourdough batter ready for cooking.  After gathering stuff from freezers, refrigerators, pantries, bedrooms and closets we attempted the impossible of getting everything into the van.  At one point Denvy suggested that we draw straws because it seemed as it wee only had room for five.  A little pushing and shoving and putting things on laps and under feet and we were ready for our departure picture.

A freely roaming Oregon white tail met us as we entered the Wildlife Safari about mid-morning.  A well-deserved bathroom stop followed by a tour of the captured creatures and a productive visit to the gift shop with a couple stuffed animals joining our entourage.  The circuit through the park revealed a great parade animals from around the world.  The giraffe and elephants were a great hit but the active bears and bisons kept us well entertained.

Onward and upward we arrived at Crater Lake early evening, in time to enjoy the awesome blue of the lake contrasted with snow and greenery and gray rock.  The ranger's station was closed by the time the shoppers finished their transactions so we found our camp site at Diamond Lake and threw together some food for the evening.  A little playing at the lake, tossing around the football and journaling and by dark we were crawling into the tent.

Good night.

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