Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Music in the Air

There music in the air.  It's wedding bells.  Wedding bells for wedding that are happening now.  Wedding bells for weddings that happened forty years ago.
It was on the longest day of the year in 1969 that Denvy and Gail exchanged the vows of marriage, vows that say "forever, until death do us part."  Secretly we agreed to 75 years with the option of renewal.  "Forever" seemed like such a long, long time and 75 years seemed more reasonable for human mortals.  Of course, if you do that math, the chances of getting to "death do us part" are much better than 75 years.
Now it's forty years, just a little over halfway and all is well.  No, all is great.  Youthful playfulness has been replaced with undying maturity and devotion.  It's a part of evolution.  It's part of becoming a superb wine.
It is our wish that the days of those exchanging vows under wedding bells in this bell would have such a grand life.  It is our hope and dream that all should have such a great journey.