Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nippy Morning

At a followup meeting of Relay for Life leaders yesterday the question was asked, "What was the highlight of the Relay."  One response was walking the track during sunrise.   She was so correct.  Summer mornings in Oregon are filled with dynamic colors and lighting as the first rays wind their ways through the trees and over the grasses.  And in these days of hot days the cool morning are so welcome.  This morning was just short of 50˚, a bit nippy without a jacket.

The irises have been cut back and most flowers have turned to seed pods.  The lawns and grassy areas around the house are more weeds and flowers than growing grass; mowing is less critical.  The half inch of rain last week was so beneficial but today there's a need to water plants.  Focusing on the outskirts will be a priority especially newly planted trees and shrubs.  No rain forecasted by the weatherpersons in the media.  I'll check the long range forecast, despite its variability, soon.

The garden is lush with radishes, lettuce and spinach ready for eating.  Peas are blooming and beans are pre-blooming.  Tomatoes and broccoli are presenting themselves with sturdy plants.  Their time will come.  Aah, but the fruit area so enjoyable.  Blueberries are ripening beautifully but not enough to do major picking; enough for a tasty breakfast cereal addition.  Marionberries!  Aah, so good but again about enough to flavor the cereal or pancake.  Wild blackberries are flowering with green small developing fruit.  Strawberries are ripening in stages but not all that plentiful.  Pie cherries are essentially but the birds are winning again; I guess I'd better get to picking.

Time to move the finger tips from the keyboard to the garden and shop.

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