Friday, June 17, 2016

Graduation is Here

It's been too long since I last wrote in this blog, so reports on the stages of flowers should be a be jump.  Most spring flowers have done their blooming.  This week the last of the iris blossoms wilted, the ones around the sequoia tree on the edge of the circular driveway, the ones that have thin white petals.  The peonia are in bloom.  While there is one plant near the barn which grows and blooms full and large, there are another dozen on the other side of the road and they grow very meagerly with almost no blossoms.  There is one plant that is going better with several blossoms.

The weather last weekend during the Relay for Life was hot, hitting 100˚ twice.  This affected some of the heat sensitive plants including some of the nice fine grass that I planted in from to the house this spring.  It's brown.  I did a second planting of another type of grass which is coarser and grows faster requiring frequent mowings and it's doing fine.  I've been carefully watering and even threw some more grass seed out in the brown spots.  We'll see.

The blueberry bushes are filled with green berries.  People in the valley are talking about harvesting next week but I think we have a bit more time.  The cherry tree which was covered with small green berries seems to have shed most of them.  The dumper cherry crop has become a sampling.  We've picked several strawberries and the raspberries are on the edge of turning pink.  The pear crop appears to be modest with a spattering of fruit now the size of large marbles.  Several branches on the apple tree have thick clusters.

The squash have broken through the soil but there are no signs of corn.  A big question mark there because I had soaked them before planting and they looked like they would pop up any day.  But nothing.

Peas are starting to blossom, beans are climbing the twine, broccoli both those from seed and those from starts look great.  Other plants is the garden are starting to show also.

After the hot weekend a week ago we have cooled down with forecasted rain.  The rain was a mist and so I'm off to water this morning.  It looks like a perfect day, sunny and mild.

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