Saturday, November 7, 2015

We're here

Yes, our journey through the skies and halfway around the world has ended.  At 5:00 AM local time, after a four-hour flight from London, we strolled through the corridors of the airport outside Tel Aviv to the back of long lines getting our passports checked.  We all made it.

On the bus we met Monte Luker, our teacher for the next two weeks.  He gave us our first lesson on what we were seeing and what we may expect during our journey through the homeland of Jesus and all the characters of the Bible.  As we pulled up to our hotel in Netanya, a short distance north of Tel Aviv (Spring Mound) he introduced our driver as Elvis, or Ahmend.  He likes the character Elvis.  We found a plate of fresh food in our rooms, warm showers and a view of the Mediterrian Sea at the base of the hotel.

We're exhausted and so thankful for the rest until 11:30 when the last of the group will arrive.  Then we off touring and getting out next lecture.

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