Sunday, November 1, 2015

Traditional Sites vs Historical Sites

A trip to Israel for us is the product of many reasons.  I suppose foremost would be that all Christians would have such a trip on their wish list or bucket list.  That would not be one of the reasons for us to travel there.  To relive the stories of the Old and New Testament, not much different than the first reason, may be the second reason.  That's more feasible.

Probably the foremost reason for us is that Pastor Dave Pederson, a local pastor and friend, is leading a tour and we were ready for another trip to another culture to experience something new.  Personally I think we hope to understand more about the people and in this case why there is such a struggle on the basis of religion.  We grew up with Christian parents in a "Christian" country, and hence for a good part, that's who we are, but there's no great reason why other religions don't have validity.  Each religion has it good points, each has its followers and believers, and those followers and believers believe their way is the best way.  If we all could just know that there is one God for all.

Something that both Gail and I enjoy when traveling is sharing our experiences with others.  So this will be our avenue to share stories and pictures with friends, family and other interested persons, if and when Internet is available.  See you around.

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