Friday, November 13, 2015

Free Day

If you think "Free Day" means that I won't write a post to day, that's not so.  It means that the driver is off for the day and we can hang around the kibbutz.  But there wasn't much "free time" because we had to see the sunrise, get breakfast and prepare to float in the Dead Sea.  Then there was the "float" and mud sponge bath (only some did that), and several showers to clean off the salt and mud.  Lunch came soon after that and the talk over lunch took us within an hour of an afternoon tour of the kibbuta which ran almost until supper.  Supper was filled with stories and laughter so the day was all gone.  Now it's late and I'm thinking that "Free Day" should mean a day free of a blog.

And so it is.

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