Thursday, July 28, 2011

Traveling the Roads of Tanzania

One of our main activities on this trip has been driving in vans and cars trying to get from place to place- the village to Arusha,  the orphanages and resource centers to home. There are many sayings about how one must enjoy the journey as well as the destination, and in this case, we truly are. The roads here are so bumpy, hilly and rough that each voyage feels like a carnival ride. And if the state of the roads are not bad enough, they have added speed bumps at close intervals to make things even more interesting. Even this would not be so bad, is we were riding in vehicles with good shocks and planty of space for each passenger to have a padded spot for their rear. But, alas, this is not the case. Our vehicle is generally a land rover with hard seats that barely fit all of us inside. On the occasions that we drive through the unpaved areas (this happens frequently) it feels as though the walls are going to fall off the car and that we will be thrown out the windows. Needless to say, after these rides our butts complain profusely with all our other joints providing supporting complaints. But as in all aspects of this trip, our group makes the best of this situation. We laugh at the big bumps and try to make sure no one seriously injures themselves by hitting their heads on the ceiling and that no one ends up too car sick. I think that smooth road and comfortable, spacious vehicles are some of the things our group is most looking forward to reclaiming in the US. As with any carnival ride, it gets old. We have fun, but no one will complain when we leave it behind.

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