Thursday, July 28, 2011

Teaching Computer Literacy

One of the challenges of computer training is the lack of consistent electricity. Dr. Lace says this is worse than he has seen before. We may have electric a few hours in the middle of the night but then it's gone during the day. So we have a generator that has worked some days.

The students that we have in the computer class are from a shelter for homeless youth. The agency works hard to get the students off the streets and into their safe environment. One of the goals is to help the individual gain job skills and computer literacy is one of those. Some of these young people are also in tailoring or cooking classes in the afternoons.

Many of the students were shy to start with but have opened up and have gotten quite engaged. Some of the young people have a small amount of English but the language barrier has been another challenge. It is a wonderful feeling to be helping someone through an experience and then for them to share that with another student who hasn't quite understood yet. It may have only been a few days but the students are certainly gaining their skills. And now really enjoying their facebook and emails!!

The Orphans Foundation Fund organization has great hopes for this computer lab to help individuals gain job skills and in the future to also be available for others in the community to pay for their classes. This will then become an income source for some of the programs as well.

Our group felt very close to those individuals in the village last week and were sad to leave them but this week has developed into a whole new group of relationships and just as meaningful. It's a wonder what can happen in a week's time.

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