Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bartering or Not..................

The first shopping trip I was told to barter.  I really didn"t want to because I told them it was too
expensive.   The shop person would say "Give me a price."  I wasn't very successful the first time but
the next time I went shopping I saw a carved wooden bowl I really liked.  I asked, "How much?"
He said, "One hundred dollars".  I said that is too much.  He asked how much I would pay and I
said $30.  Of course he said 'NO".

I went out of that shop empty-handed and the other shop keepers saw that.  After that whatever price they
said, I said that was too much.  Again, they wanted me to give a price and I did.  I got seven gifts that day
for the prices I wanted.

So bartering does work.

Shirley Garrison

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