Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why, Oh, Why?

Life at this point is rather good.  The weather is mild, I sleep well, the bills are paid, I like the good foods that I eat, most of my joints move even if slowly, most people I associate with are friends or friendly and I don't associate with the others.  That all sounds great to me.  But there are exceptions and they're stacking up today.

Ma's daughter is on the soccer whose coach was recently arrested for inappropriate with a minor team member.  The high school girls on the team are frustrated and angry.  The action of the school in announcing and explaining the situation was tarry and insensitive to the girls and parents.

A family asked a couple using and paying for space in their house to make plans to find other housing and they didn't take that well.  Hoping the departing "tenants" will not leave the place in shambles when the leave, and hopefully in a timely manner.  Sometimes one ends up regretting being helpful and supportive.  Hopefully the "tenants" will find a suitable housing.

We've been to several meetings this week, most are encouraging, uplifting and meaningful.  But not all of them.  In one meeting where the members were clarifying fuzzy policies, one said that we're all friends and friendly and don't need tight detailed policies but some day some one person may come in and change everything.  My gut smiled as I acknowledged to myself that's what's happening right now because we've been happy with fuzzy policies up to now.  Oh, dear.

So I'm off and out of the meeting to phone some contacts to better understand what's really happening, and to take a deep cleansing breath.  More tension this week than most others.  And that's not to mention the conversation on the street by a very frustrated friend wondering how to deal with his frustration, or the emails announcing a special meeting of the Presbytery to clarify some vague, maybe not so good past decisions.

Ah, the sun is shining and I feel no aches or pains.  God is good and life is good.

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