Monday, September 12, 2016


Most people have questions about why things happen to themselves as they do.  Why do certain repeated thoughts come to mind as I'm doing a particular task?  Porterfields and other neighbors when I'm bandsawing?  High school classmates and my freshman tree of high school when pruning the rose bush?

Why do I have dreams that seem completely unrelated to anything that I do?  Like the one about the projectiles coming through the windshield of the car I was in, projectiles that were megaphones with plastic cups attached to the end.  After a half dozen or so of such projectiles a cheerleader came by and acknowledged that we were alright.

Possible answer to number one:  at one point I actively had a thought about Porterfields while bandsawing, which have occurred a second time.  Each time it happened a path in the memory part of my brain was reinforced and the two became associated.  Possibly the memory and activity are stored to closed in my brain that they spill over into each other.  Maybe none of this is correct.

Possible answer to question two:  there's an outside force that can control my mind while sleeping.  I hoping that God created that connection from my beginning and that no one else has hacked into my thinking.  There are grosses of people out there theorizing on the makeup of dreams and I will continue to let them seek the answer to this question.  I will just go on dreaming nonesense.

All of this questioning and envisioning answers suggests to me and reinforces my thinking about this, that many stories of forlorn and the Bible are efforts by people to answer their unanswerable questions.  How did we start?  Why is there evil?  Who and where is God?

Back to harvesting and digging in the dirt.

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