Thursday, May 12, 2016

Planted the Beans

It's been another day over 80˚; A record number since April first, 13 so far, another forecasted for tomorrow, then more average temps.  It was a good day to plant more garden, no meetings or other events.  So the beans were planted as were some spinach plants, some broccoli seeds and some onion starts.  It was a great motivation to mow and weed wack around the raised beds.  Looks good.
  It's a time to mow some of the rest of the yard also, mostly the lower part under the oak tree and around the barn.  The blue barrel that I set up two days ago seems to be working or at least the chickens have water every time I check them.

A couple California poppies blossomed a couple days ago.  The hedge with its clusters of tiny white flowers have lost their blossoms.  So I trimmed that section this evening.  Then I mowed until it was to hard to see, about 8:30.  That's the beauty of summer in Oregon, or Alaska, the days are long and darkness come later and later.  That was one of the things that I found unpleasant in Tanzania which is near the equator, darkness almost comes about 6:00pm throughout the entire year.  No real seasons as I have known them.

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