Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Peas Seedlings Surfaced

Sunday - today's Tuesday - the first peas showed themselves as they broke through the surface of the garden.  Time to adjust the fence for them to climb.

The lilac bush by the house was overwhelming the pathway and its blooming was finished so the outer branches were trimmed several days ago, probably Friday.  While the trimmers were out several other bushes were cut back to their reasonable size.

It's time to cover the blueberries to keep the birds from grabbing the fruit  as it ripens before I get to the berries.  The strawberry plants are very big and the fruit is setting on.  Someone gave me some local strawberries Sunday but I suspect ours are still down the road.

The first egg from a peahen showed up Sunday morning.  The chicken are laying well for spring at about nine eggs a day.  I suspect that at least one chicken hen and peahen will become motherly and decide to set sometime this summer, but not yet.  Good.

There's been no rain for over a week now although some days have been either overcast or partly cloudy.  This morning the sun is the only thing to be seen in the sky with sunrise temperatures to be in the 40's and forecasted temperatures to be near 80.  Time to plant more garden.

Time to get going.

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