Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tuesday - Day Two at Work

Can't say that today was much different then the day before except there was good progress, no problem with crooked beam discovered and we had a radio for background music playing oldies from USA. Gail and Julie went shopping for tools with Pastor Lupe. They bought some magnets to pick up the hundreds, maybe thousands, of little wire ends from the rebar tying process. They sell the scraps for money for food.
We had two power outage at the lodging but they were short and a cold shower after a hot actually felt rather good. We extended the tradition of having ice cream after the days work to twice.
It's breakfast time, 6:30, now so we can work in the cool of the morning and have the ice cream about three or four. Eggs, pancakes, French toast, juice; we'll see what it is this morning. Only one and a half coffee drinker. I find that interesting.

From the pad of Denvy & Gail

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