Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday - Workday Number Uno

     The intrigue of the day probably was the end of the day; as we were approaching the end of task for the day, the pastor, who has been hanging around since late morning, walked over to the project and noticed that one of the beams for which we were creating the rebar reinforcement was not straight.  Oops!  Maybe today was practice and tomorrow may be to take apart and then put them back together again for real.  We're just the workers and we assemble or dissemble as told.
      So what did we do.  Breakfast at 6:30 and on site by 7:30 before the sun turned the site into a sauna.  The gate was locked and there was no key so one of the four workers who live there used the bolt cutters on the chain.  After some introductions - Norman, Mario, Rafael, and Roberto - two were sent to bend rebar into "rings," two were handed shovels to fill buckets of sand and gravel to make concrete for a couple pillars, and the remaining four we put on the scaffolding to wire rebar together.  There are two horizontal beams where long rebars were wired to the "rings."  By noon the first beam was finished.  By three the other beam was on the route to completions when the dogleg in the beam was detected and all work ceased.
       The reward of the day was ice cream and supper at 6:30 was fish and mashed potatoes.  Yummy!
      I will try to upload some pictures in another post.

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