Sunday, February 23, 2014

Schedule for next weekend

Good afternoon, Debbie,

The DPNC met after church today to define a schedule for your visit to Monmouth/Independence and Falls City.  They decided that they would like to have more time with you and are asking if you could meet they at Christ's Church (412 W Clay St, Monmouth) at 2:00PM Saturday, March 1.  The Seventh Day Adventists use the building that day but there is a recess during which you can tour the church.  They will collaborate with you for a visit of the manse and the Falls City area and church.

They are inviting you to a dinner at the home of Carol Brown at 6:00PM that evening after which you will be able to retire to your hotel room which they are booking for you in Salem, I believe.  Sunday morning we will meet you at the church in Woodburn.  After the worship service we would like to share lunch with you in Keiser.  Eileen will be arranging a meeting between you and the COM probably for that afternoon probably in Keiser.

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