Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another Snow Day

It's not that there's nothing that I can do without electricity, it's just that when you have a power outage, the routine is upset. Shoveling, walking, cooking, eating, reading, writing, sleeping, stoking the fire; none these require electricity, but not having electricity means that if I want to check the weather forecast on either the Internet or television, or the news for that matter, I can't. Of course, today that means I can't watch the Olympics.

I didn't even know the electricity went out. I was letting my fingers do the work on my computer while I listened to some music. The music seemed to come to the end of the CD, the room was bright from the subtle outside light of a outcast day, and everything was fine until I tried to check on the Internet for some information. But I continued my writing as if nothing had happened; while start a new CD when I get up.

Then it hit me that the refrigerator would start turning bad after several days. Gail called the neighbors down the road who reported that they did have electricity. That probably means that it's a minor problem and easy to fix but probably a low priority. So, dig out the candles and flashlights and create a new what will I do with myself this evening. By tomorrow, if things go as forecasted and projected, the snow will have abated so that we can drive to town to recharge computer batteries, watch the rescheduled basketball games and attend the PNC meeting. The driveway which I cleared this morning is down to gravel and so driving to the mailbox is a snap.

The evening lighting is settling in so only gross activities are now an option; fine detailed projects like painting and sewing cross stitching are out. Playing piano remains on the list.

Statistically, the snow measured about 16 inches this morning before the drips started coming off the roof and an hour ago that same site was about 9 inches. The sidewalk is bare but wet where shoveled. Until the electricity returns this post will sit quietly in my computer.

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