Sunday, June 26, 2011

Under twenty days

This is the best weekend ever, probably because we're closer than ever to boarding the plane to Tanzania. The Yatima Group Fund had a fundraising booth at the Salem World Beat Festival selling crafts from and for Tanzania. It was an opportunity to exchange stuff: our white lab clothes and money for our stay in Africa for their boxes of 3000 condoms, 40 t-shirts and a couple bags of clothing. Also exchanged were our "what to take" list for details about our stay in Arusha.

Earlier in the day JoAnn King inspired the members of the congregation of Christ's Church to connect with one of the nine individual travelers as a prayer partner. While only nine will board the plane, many more will travel the journey.

Five team members attend the church and discussions around what to take. Briefly the goal is simple, minimal and only with the essentials; leave valuables and cosmetics at home and plan to leave the clothes in Africa when returning to Oregon. Nine people have nine different ideas of the meaning of this goal.

In the remaining days before the plane lifts off, the team will continue to gather items for the schools, orphanages and boarding schools in Arusha and Lengasti, items such as old eyeglasses, used children's clothes, jump ropes, frisbees, soccer balls, bird netting and much more. Any donations including money are welcome.

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