Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Apparently I and my siblings are of an older generation.  For the past week or so we have been exchanging memories about years gone by, focusing on highlights in our lives, the purchase and use of farm equipment and some events such as new year's celebrations.  Today's generation would have chosen Facebook or blogs as their media.

Now it is the evening of the last day of the year.  Supper is cooking, the news is broadcasting and most of the world is either sleeping and again awaking in a new year.  In several hours we too will mark the change of the Western calendar among friends from the church at Margie's home.  She will serve a traditional Greek cake with a coin baked into it which will award the recipient with good luck.

I wish all a great new year and, in concert with many others, peace to the world and peace to each individual.

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